Brand New Cars Below 1.5 Million in Kenya

Brand New Cars Below 1.5 Million in Kenya

We understand how tiresome it could be to look for brand new cars below 1.5 Million in Kenya. Finally, we have made it easy for you to have the best top stylish cars under Ksh. 1.5 Million from the House of Cars Kenya. If you are looking for quality cars below 1.5 Million in Kenya, then you are in the right place. Apart from being the best seller of pre-owned cars in Kenya, we are also the best car dealers in Kenya selling foreign used cars and high-end brand new cars in Kenya.

No.Cars Under 1.5 Million in KenyaCar Make/BrandPrice in Ksh.
1.2014 Peugeot 208 PremiumPeugeotKsh. 990,000
2.2013 Subaru Impreza G4SubaruKsh. 1,280,000
3.2014 Toyota AxioToyotaKsh. 1,280,000
4.2014 Subaru ImprezaSubaruKsh. 1,380,000
5.2014 Mitsubishi GalantMitsubishiKsh. 1,385,000
6.2014 Volkswagen Golf TSIVolkswagenKsh. 1,500,000
Brand-New Cars in Kenya

Top Stylish Cars Under Ksh. 1.5 Million

Don’t wait until it’s too late to own a brand-new car in Kenya at a very affordable price. We have a list of brand-new cars in Kenya that are still in stock for a price of Ksh. 1.5 million and below.

1. 2014 Peugeot 208 Premium

2014 Peugeot 208 Premium | Cars for Sale in Nairobi below Ksh. 1.5 Million

We have made it easy for you to ride on a brand-new 2014 Peugeot 208 Premium, for only Ksh. 990,000. That’s below a million shillings and you’ll be cruising in town with your new ride. With a bank finance of 30% deposit, you can walk away with this brand new car and pay the balance in five years. In Kenya, the price of a Peugeot 208 Premium 2014 is Ksh. 990,000 only at the House of Cars Kenya.

The specifications of a 2014 Peugeot 208 Premium include a Hatchback body style, Automatic transmission, 2WD Drivetrain, 1200CC Engine, and Brown exterior body color. This car operates on Petrol fuel type. Give us a call to place your order from the best car dealer in Kenya.

2. 2013 Subaru Impreza G4

2013 Subaru Impreza G4 | Brand New Car for Sale in Kenya

Number two brand-new car on our list is this amazing saloon car, Subaru Impreza G4 2013. Hover around the streets of Nairobi with a high-end brand new machine in town. The price of the Subaru Impreza G4 2013 in Kenya is Ksh. 1,280,000 only. Our terms are simple, amazing, and friendly. To own this car, a deposit of 30% bank finance is required, then boom! you got the car. The balance is payable in 5 years. Talk to the cheapest car dealers in Kenya right now to own this 2013 Subaru Impreza G4.

This car has amazing features that we are highly convinced you’ll love them. Some of its features include Sedan/Saloon body style, Automatic Transmission, 2WD drivetrain, 1600CC Engine, and its exterior color is Silver. The machine operates on Petrol Fuel type. The best time to own a car is now, just contact us to place your order.

3. 2014 Toyota Axio

2014 Toyota Axio | Top Stylish Cars Under Ksh. 1.5 Million

Toyota Axio 2014 is among the top three brand-new cars in Kenya below Ksh. 1.5 Million. If you are looking for a Toyota Axio for sale in Kenya, then we are the right spot for you. 2014 Toyota Axio price in Kenya is Ksh. 1,280,000 only. We are much ready to release the car to your ownership under simple terms of business. With only a bank finance of 30% deposit, you can own this car. Then pay the balance in 5 years. What a deal!

The cutting-edge features of this Toyota Axio 2014 car include Sedan/Saloon body style, Automatic Transmission, 85,000 Kms Mileage, 2WD Drivetrain, 1500CC Engine, and Pearl White in color. This car consumes Petrol Fuel type. Get in touch with your number one car dealer in Kenya to order this amazing saloon car for sale.

4. 2014 Subaru Impreza

2014 Subaru Impreza
2014 Subaru Impreza | Cars Under 1.5 Million in Kenya

Are you in love with Subaru cars? Guess what? We have it in stock for you. Our reputation is widely known for having excellent vehicles at an affordable price. The price of the Subaru Impreza 2014 in Kenya is Ksh. 1,380,000 only. Did you know you can have this car with only a 30% deposit bank finance and pay the balance in Five years? Now you know. We really love to see you driving this machine, that’s why we make it simple for you to acquire it.

2014 Subaru Impreza has amazing features that you’ll definitely fall in love with. Some of the Subaru Impreza 2014 specs include a Hatchback body style, Automatic Transmission, 1600CC Engine, 2WD Drivetrain, and Gunmetal in Color and it ingests Petrol fuel. If you are interested in owning this car, contact us for orders. We’ll be more than happy to process the transfer as soon as possible.

5. 2014 Mitsubishi Galant

2014 Mitsubishi Galant | Brand New Cars For Sale in Kenya

They say black is beautiful, isn’t it? Our number five on the list is the “Wakanda” machine. 2014 Mitsubishi Galant is an elegant Saloon car that every Sedan lover wouldn’t think twice when it comes to owning it. The price of a Mitsubishi Galant 2014 in Kenya is Ksh. 1,385,000 only. What a price for such an amazing brand-new car. To own the car, all you need is a bank finance of 30% deposit and the pay the remaining balance in 5 years. That’s a great deal if you ask me.

This car has some great characteristics such as Automatic Transmission, 2WD Drivetrain, Sedan/Saloon body style, Black in color, 1800CC Engine, and it runs on Petrol fuel type. The price is very friendly yet affordable, if you love this car, get in touch with us for orders or more information.

6. 2014 Volkswagen Golf TSI

2014 Volkswagen Golf TSI | Cars For Sale in Nairobi Below 1.5 Million

Last but not least is the number six on the list, Volkswagen Golf TSI 2014 brand new Hatchback. You’ll definitely love this car if Hatchback is your thing. The price of a 2014 Volkswagen Golf TSI in Kenya is Ksh. 1,500,000 only. This makes it top the list of the Top Stylish Cars Under Ksh. 1.5 Million in Kenya. To own this beautiful white machine, 30% deposit bank finance will make it possible for you to ride away with it. The remaining balance is to be paid in five years.

Some fascinating details of this 2014 Volkswagen Golf TSI include 2WD Drivetrain, Hatchback body style, Peral White in Color (Exterior), Automatic Transmission, 95,000 Kms Mileage, and it absorbs Petrol fuel. Are you interested in this car? Communicate with us in terms of placing an order or for more information. We will be more than willing to assist you in owning this car.

Where to Buy Cars under Ksh. 1.5 Million in Kenya

If you have been looking for new cars under 1.5 Million in Kenya, then House of Cars Kenya is the best place you can find high-quality brand-new cars with such prices in Kenya. For all your  Brand New CarsForeign Used cars, and Pre-owned cars, we are the right plug for you.

Give us a call on 0715 400 709WhatsApp us, or write us an E-mail at You can also visit our offices at Hurlingham, Jabavu Lane. For any assistance, we are also social. Just contact us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and we’ll assist you.

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